Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY Cookbook: stalk your friend's Pinterest boards!

I wanted to do something nice for my friend who enjoys cooking, so I stalked her Pinterest. She had pinned a DIY cookbook and some recipes. This was a no-brainer; make her a cookbook and print out the recipes she pinned :)!

Supplies Used:
3ring Binder with clear cover
and lots of clear page protectors!
Page dividers
Scrapbook paper

This is what the cover ended up looking like with the Family's last name as the heading

In the back I added a cupcake box, and a Veggie cooking cheat sheet
Closer look of what I added to the inside pockets

Inside I added a card, recipe cards, a weekly meal planning organizer and other  chef must have's

I printed one recipe for each section and placed it inside the page protectors

The back cover;  Scrapbook paper, then glued a Measurement Conversion Chart to it for quick reference.

Bad picture...but it reads "Get Cookin'"
Personally, I used 6 page dividers: Breakfast, Starters, Soup/Salad, Entrees, Sides/Sauces, and Sweets. When you make your own use as many or as little as you want. Here are all the printables I found online and used in the cookbook! Thank goodness for those people who already created cute printables so I didn't have to! Finally, print one recipe from each section (one breakfast, starter, entree, etc.) and put inside a page protector with some more empty page protectors behind it so they can add their own! I hope you or your friend enjoys the book and inspires some good home cookin'!

I didn't save the link for the "Made with Love" cards, but I'm sure they are on Pinterest somewhere!

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