Saturday, September 1, 2012

Expecting Mamas: Hospital Survival Kit

For my sister-in law's baby shower I wanted to make her a Hospital Survival Kit without spending a lot of is what I came up with: (The most expensive thing I bought was the $6 bucket @Michaels without coupon).

All the goodies
So I scoured my bathroom and pantry to find unused items I already had to add to the kit.
  1. Sleep Sheets sleep aid (free with instant rebate from Walgreens) for DAD, NOT MOM
  2. Loofa (in a shower gift pack I bought after Christmas)
  3. Revlon nail file (used coupon got it for a few cents)
  4. Hand sanitizer ($1)
  5. Secret deodorant (used coupon almost free)
  6. Free samples Treseme shampoo/conditioner) 
  7. Free samples Body soap
  8. Mouthwash (used coupon almost free)
  9. Disposable razor (from value pack)
  10. Chapstick
  11. Body lotion 
  12. Hair ties/head band (from value pack)
  13. Free sample face wash
  14. Gum ($1)
  15. Granola bars/snacks (from my pantry)
  16. Victoria's Secret beach bag (free with earlier purchase I made, I have tons of bags, so I kept it in the package for a gift) **Any bag will work: gift bag, reusable gift bag, beach bag from discount store, etc.***
  17. Gift bucket ($6 from Michaels, cheaper if you use their popular 40% off coupon or find them on sale) ****This is the most expensive thing I bought*****
  18. A free Hospital Kit printable Hospital Survival Kit Printable FREE
  19. Finally some ribbon and a hole puncher...Ta-Da! 
  20. I also added some other bigger items that would not fit inside the bucket. I had some breastfeeding pads, some feminine pads, and stool softener (not very glamorous but most needed!)

Stuff goodies in bucket or other gift container