Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Expecting Mamas: Big Sister Kit

For a DIY easy & cheap baby gift: make a big sister or brother kit.

Here's what I used:
Finished Product (also add ribbons or a bow)

Closer Look
  1. Chinese takeout gift container (@ Michaels around $3)
  2. "Big Sister" T-shirt:  See how to make in my other post here (not yet finished).
  3. Berenstein Bears "New Baby" children's book  Buy Book Here (about $4 on Amazon, another good one is Mercer Mayer "The New Baby". 
  4. Crayons & notebook ($1 each)
  5. Color activity kits ($1 each)
  6. Hand Sanitizer ($1)
  7. Snacks: I used goldfish got for $1 from Target $1bin
  8. Baby gift so she can give to her new baby brother: from Dollar Store
  9. Disposable camera for pictures of the new baby...and other stuff...(not pictured here) 
  10. Stickers for the name, gift tag, and a printout of the contents. (I used Pages to create the document and the "Chalkduster" font  

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