Tuesday, July 10, 2012

21st Birthday Lotto/Hangover gifts

For my brother's 21st birthday I wanted to either give him $21 or lotto tickets and also make a hangover kit. I started looking around my house for containers, I found a coffee and candy containers, ribbon, bows and printed some labels from my computer and was all set. I then went to purchase 21 lotto scratcher tickets and items for my hangover kit.

Lotto pull bucket:
21 scratchers
printable label

I made a label using Mac's Pages application by inserting a rounded rectangle on the page and measuring it to cover the label from my coffee container. Then I added text that said "Happy Birthday Sam, 21 is a lucky number! ". I placed the tickets into 3 piles (I had 7 , 3 different kinds of tickets and placed them into piles so I can make a pattern and alternate the kinds of tickets: 777, Hot Chili, Gold, 777, Hot Chili, Gold, etc....) then place them scratcher side down and tape them all together long ways.
Then I used a knife and carefully cut a slit big enough for the lotto tickets to easily slide out of when the bday boy pulled them. After I took the picture below I cut the slit bigger because the tickets were getting stuck.

Place all the tickets inside so they are face up when pulled out. Using double sided tape I wrapped a green (reminded me of $) ribbon around the border of the paper. Which I didn't have time to take a picture of the finished product, but you can see a bit of it below when my brother opened it. 

Hangover Kit:

I found a candy box and covered it with a label I made using Mac's Pages application and put a list of the contents on the label so he was able to know what was inside. I found some things around the house to put in it, and also browsed the dollar bins to find travel toiletries and items. 
Here are some of the items I put in the kit:
Vitamin Water, Rockstar Energy drink, Aspirin, Alka-seltzer, Bandaids, barf bag, mouthwash, 2 small bottles of alcohol, energy powered packet, and energy bars. I did not have time to take an upclose picture of the kit but you can see it above after my brother opened it. (no room for a lid, just wrap it with a big ribbon). 

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