Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Emergency Binder Kit

Recently my husband has been collecting items for an emergency kit like water bottles, dry foods, flashlights, and batteries to name a few. This got me thinking of another important element we needed to add...a binder or folder that has all of our personal information in it. I started searching on Pinterest and found a lot of blogs that others have created. I will be using some of their FREE templates and redirecting you to their websites. I also found a few other resources and created some of my own for my binder. I hope this brings peace of mind to you and your family as it did with can never  be too prepared! A good place to keep this binder is in a water proof/fire proof safe as all the materials in it can be used improperly if they got into the wrong hands...keep it safe!

I found this blog that has a great article on an emergency kit: go
here to read and print the templates for FREE!

I created a FREE downloadable template for your binder cover: (in order to download you must turn off your Pop-Up Blocker)
Emergency Binder Cover

Emergency Kit Checklist
Injury Guide
Emergency Kit Printables
For a Mini Emergency Car Kit visit this blog!

Photo Pages (Business Card pages were too small to hold my S.S. cards), page dividers & sheet protectors (I bought mine from Staples, but they can be found at Walmart or Target)
S.S. Cards
Credit Card/Cash
Copies of Birth, Marriage certificates
Car insurance/registration copies
Family Photo
Individual photos/ fingerprints
Housing Docs. (Deed/Insurance)

Still need to get my family photo printed...
Make sure to keep this in a safe place! 
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