Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Wipe Board W/ Printables

Another great Pinterest find! I was browsing through DIY stuff to make for a classroom and came across a DIY wipe board. I followed the video and then decided to use it for my house since I still don't have a classroom of my own....yet...
See the step by step video here: DIY Dry Erase Boards Video

Here is mine:

I found a cute Morning Checklist Printable:
This website uses a glass picture frame to hold the printable, I don't have space and would rather put mine on the fridge with a magnet- but the frame way is cute also...
For the classroom I would use this printable for Pre-K-2 (find a cursive one for 3rd):

This would go great in a "Writing Center" or as a "May Do" when students are done with work early...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Diaper Cake

I have always wanted to learn how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower. I decided to go to YouTube to find a good instructional video to get started. This is the one I watched that helped me learn how..
Diaper Cake Tutorial

Here are some pictures of how I made mine. I used ribbon from Michaels dollar bin and got the ladybug plush animal/rattle from Kohl's (that was the most expensive thing I bought). You could just top it off with a bow if you wanted. I used all the diapers I had left over that my daughter never used. It was a bit more difficult because the cake wasn't level (some newborn diapers mixed with size 2 were an issue). So I recommend using the same size and brand for the whole cake if you can. Also double sided tape didn't really hold up the ribbon around the cake. I wish I could find my hot glue I improvised and used cute baby clothes pins (mini ones left over from a game I had at my shower) to hold them up. Good luck and have fun!

The bottom layer using an 8 oz. bottle as the center. and 3 layers of diapers.
I used a ladybug theme and some letter stickers to personalize the cake. I also added some trial size baby items from the Target dollar bin (baby lotion, sunblock, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, etc.)

Closer Look....
View from the back 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stress'n me out!

So my baby girl is teething and some days I get really stressed when she is inconsolable and fussy- some days she just wants me to hold her all day! This led me to create a Stress Relief Board on my Pinterest page. Check it out to see what helps a working mom of a teething baby relax...when she's asleep or her dad is holding her that is...

Pinterest Stress Relief Board

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Emergency Binder Kit

Recently my husband has been collecting items for an emergency kit like water bottles, dry foods, flashlights, and batteries to name a few. This got me thinking of another important element we needed to add...a binder or folder that has all of our personal information in it. I started searching on Pinterest and found a lot of blogs that others have created. I will be using some of their FREE templates and redirecting you to their websites. I also found a few other resources and created some of my own for my binder. I hope this brings peace of mind to you and your family as it did with can never  be too prepared! A good place to keep this binder is in a water proof/fire proof safe as all the materials in it can be used improperly if they got into the wrong hands...keep it safe!

I found this blog that has a great article on an emergency kit: go
here to read and print the templates for FREE!

I created a FREE downloadable template for your binder cover: (in order to download you must turn off your Pop-Up Blocker)
Emergency Binder Cover

Emergency Kit Checklist
Injury Guide
Emergency Kit Printables
For a Mini Emergency Car Kit visit this blog!

Photo Pages (Business Card pages were too small to hold my S.S. cards), page dividers & sheet protectors (I bought mine from Staples, but they can be found at Walmart or Target)
S.S. Cards
Credit Card/Cash
Copies of Birth, Marriage certificates
Car insurance/registration copies
Family Photo
Individual photos/ fingerprints
Housing Docs. (Deed/Insurance)

Still need to get my family photo printed...
Make sure to keep this in a safe place! 
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Baby Information Binder

Lately I have had a few different friends and family members watch Sydney so I wanted to create a binder with information for the caregivers.
Page Covers
Page Dividers

Contents Include:
Contact information for the parents
Feeding and Sleeping Info.
Medicine/Vitamin Info.
CPR guide
Insurance/Pediatrician Info.
How to calm or sooth her if she's crying

Free Printable Templates for your binder:
Binder Cover (from must turn off Pop-Up Blocker to Download)* This download is different than the picture below..I could not upload it from Pages to a PDF file so you could edit the info..So I just created another one. If you want the one below it is from Mac's Pages program under the Poster Templates. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Key Lime Cupcakes

For Cinco De Mayo I made these cupcakes for work: they were a hit!

Any flavor cake or cupcake mix- or you could create your own..I did not have the time
1 Lemon Key Limes
Mixer (not mandatory)
Frosting bag (not mandatory)
Lemoncello Liquor
3 C. sifted Powered Sugar
1/2 C. cream cheese (whipped is best- or room temp.)
Green Food Coloring

Cupcake Pan
Cupcake liner cups

Place powered sugar in mixer (or mixing bowl). Make 1 teaspoon of lemon zest and 1 teaspoon of lime zest. Add 5-6 tablespoons of lime juice. Mix in 1 teaspoon of Lemoncello Liquor and 1 drop of green food coloring..if you put too much it will look "christmas green". If frosting is too runny you can add some canned vanilla frosting. Mix cake mix following directions on the box. Bake and then cool. Using spoon or spatula place in frosting bag (or use ziplock bag and cut the corner). Decorate cupcakes using whatever frosting tip you prefer. Finally thinly slice the last lime into wheels and cut through half way so you can twist them as seen in the picture. Enjoy!

Sydney's First Avocado

@6 months

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Candy Jars

I wanted to create a gift for all the mothers at my work and didn't want to purchase individual gifts. I have about 15 moms at my job so I used the idea of a candy "bar" and came up with this:

Mason Jars
Printable Tags
Variety of Candy
Colored paper
Double Sided Tape

I bought candy that I could create fun names for:
Hot Tamales-Hot Momma
Peppermint Patties-Mint 2 B A Mom
Gummies-Life is Sweet
Hershey Gold- Heart of Gold
Starburst-Star Mom
(The possibilities are endless of what names you could come up with...these are just some suggestions)
Place each candy in separate mason jars, then print tags from this link:
Chalk Style Printable Labels

You can print them using sticker printer paper or if you don't have any, I just used double sided tape to stick to the front of the jars. Then you could finish off the jars with a ribbon tied to the neck if you wanted..