Monday, November 12, 2012

Sydney Turns 1

 Sydney Turns 1!

How I created an Owl themed party for my daughter's 1st birthday:

Birthday Highchair
Free Owl printables: banner, water bottle labels, and more
The bib is from Kohl's and the personalized owl placemat from :
Orded this custom personalized invite from Etsy
Invitation Prints (Print your own/ customize and get download for $3)

Treat Table: The cake was in the fridge
A bunch of FREE Owl printable labels, cupcake toppers, cards, and more!
Some snacks included: worms in dirt, ants on a log, and goldfish

Make your own trail mix station
 I used animal crackers, Teddy Grahams, Pretzels, Yogurt covered raisins, nuts, and more!
Created a photo timeline 0-11 months and used cinnamon apple water instead of water bottles
Apple Cinnamon Water Recipe
Printable numbers for the timeline banner (Don't print all of them; just 1-11)
A kid's station with edible play-dough, owl books, bubbles, and owl coloring pages
 Owl Coloring Page
 Owl Printable Bookmarks
Kool-Aid Edible Play-dough

Perfect for reading: I was so glad I bought these at a garage sale for a dollar!
Get owl books at garage sales or thrift stores

The gift table: A jar of Kisses From Sydney for the guests and a Time Capsule Box with Words of Wisdom cards
I got an old Lancome box from the thrift store and decorated it with puff paint and stickers. She will open it when she's 18. I also put her invitation, bow, bib, candle, and some pictures inside. It read "Do not open until 2029"
A Cupcake cake for her second party...yes she had 2!

Owl Cupcake Recipe
I got supplies from craft stores, I cut the number 1 from a foam piece and hung it in the walkway.

Owl Cake designed from our invitation

Sydney's personal cake

Follow my Pinterest account and see my board all about Owls: Owl Themed First Birthday Party

Some extras that were not seen in the pics:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Expecting Mamas: Hospital Survival Kit

For my sister-in law's baby shower I wanted to make her a Hospital Survival Kit without spending a lot of is what I came up with: (The most expensive thing I bought was the $6 bucket @Michaels without coupon).

All the goodies
So I scoured my bathroom and pantry to find unused items I already had to add to the kit.
  1. Sleep Sheets sleep aid (free with instant rebate from Walgreens) for DAD, NOT MOM
  2. Loofa (in a shower gift pack I bought after Christmas)
  3. Revlon nail file (used coupon got it for a few cents)
  4. Hand sanitizer ($1)
  5. Secret deodorant (used coupon almost free)
  6. Free samples Treseme shampoo/conditioner) 
  7. Free samples Body soap
  8. Mouthwash (used coupon almost free)
  9. Disposable razor (from value pack)
  10. Chapstick
  11. Body lotion 
  12. Hair ties/head band (from value pack)
  13. Free sample face wash
  14. Gum ($1)
  15. Granola bars/snacks (from my pantry)
  16. Victoria's Secret beach bag (free with earlier purchase I made, I have tons of bags, so I kept it in the package for a gift) **Any bag will work: gift bag, reusable gift bag, beach bag from discount store, etc.***
  17. Gift bucket ($6 from Michaels, cheaper if you use their popular 40% off coupon or find them on sale) ****This is the most expensive thing I bought*****
  18. A free Hospital Kit printable Hospital Survival Kit Printable FREE
  19. Finally some ribbon and a hole puncher...Ta-Da! 
  20. I also added some other bigger items that would not fit inside the bucket. I had some breastfeeding pads, some feminine pads, and stool softener (not very glamorous but most needed!)

Stuff goodies in bucket or other gift container


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Expecting Mamas: Big Sister Kit

For a DIY easy & cheap baby gift: make a big sister or brother kit.

Here's what I used:
Finished Product (also add ribbons or a bow)

Closer Look
  1. Chinese takeout gift container (@ Michaels around $3)
  2. "Big Sister" T-shirt:  See how to make in my other post here (not yet finished).
  3. Berenstein Bears "New Baby" children's book  Buy Book Here (about $4 on Amazon, another good one is Mercer Mayer "The New Baby". 
  4. Crayons & notebook ($1 each)
  5. Color activity kits ($1 each)
  6. Hand Sanitizer ($1)
  7. Snacks: I used goldfish got for $1 from Target $1bin
  8. Baby gift so she can give to her new baby brother: from Dollar Store
  9. Disposable camera for pictures of the new baby...and other stuff...(not pictured here) 
  10. Stickers for the name, gift tag, and a printout of the contents. (I used Pages to create the document and the "Chalkduster" font  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

21st Birthday Lotto/Hangover gifts

For my brother's 21st birthday I wanted to either give him $21 or lotto tickets and also make a hangover kit. I started looking around my house for containers, I found a coffee and candy containers, ribbon, bows and printed some labels from my computer and was all set. I then went to purchase 21 lotto scratcher tickets and items for my hangover kit.

Lotto pull bucket:
21 scratchers
printable label

I made a label using Mac's Pages application by inserting a rounded rectangle on the page and measuring it to cover the label from my coffee container. Then I added text that said "Happy Birthday Sam, 21 is a lucky number! ". I placed the tickets into 3 piles (I had 7 , 3 different kinds of tickets and placed them into piles so I can make a pattern and alternate the kinds of tickets: 777, Hot Chili, Gold, 777, Hot Chili, Gold, etc....) then place them scratcher side down and tape them all together long ways.
Then I used a knife and carefully cut a slit big enough for the lotto tickets to easily slide out of when the bday boy pulled them. After I took the picture below I cut the slit bigger because the tickets were getting stuck.

Place all the tickets inside so they are face up when pulled out. Using double sided tape I wrapped a green (reminded me of $) ribbon around the border of the paper. Which I didn't have time to take a picture of the finished product, but you can see a bit of it below when my brother opened it. 

Hangover Kit:

I found a candy box and covered it with a label I made using Mac's Pages application and put a list of the contents on the label so he was able to know what was inside. I found some things around the house to put in it, and also browsed the dollar bins to find travel toiletries and items. 
Here are some of the items I put in the kit:
Vitamin Water, Rockstar Energy drink, Aspirin, Alka-seltzer, Bandaids, barf bag, mouthwash, 2 small bottles of alcohol, energy powered packet, and energy bars. I did not have time to take an upclose picture of the kit but you can see it above after my brother opened it. (no room for a lid, just wrap it with a big ribbon). 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Craft Room (laundry room makeover)

I have the best husband ever! I am lucky he is so crafty and a hard worker. We have a laundry room with enough space for a desk, so I showed him some other craft rooms I've found on Pinterest and he got inspired! Here is my craft/wrapping/couponing space.

Laundry Room Space Before

Home Depot
  • wood
  • pegboard
  • paint (white and "feldspar" Behr) I bought a whole gallon of the wall paint-half would have been plenty
  • pegboard baskets (set of 3) + extra hooks

    Other stores

  • mason jars (purchased at grocery store)
  • Photo stand (Michaels Craft store on clearance for $2) use to put iPad or books on
  • "Imagine" wall decor (TJ Max)
  • multi-plug outlet (already had, but you can find at a hardware store)
  • Chalkboard Cookie sheet (used an old cookie sheet and sprayed it with chalkboard paint, my husband is supposed to build me a frame) 
  • Plastic storage drawers (Target)

There is a trash can under the open part on the left side so I just swipe all my trash to the left!

Screw in mason jar lids to wood to keep "nick nacks"  in...

They love the new room!

Thinking of painting the pegboard brown with some leftover paint I have

Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Wipe Board W/ Printables

Another great Pinterest find! I was browsing through DIY stuff to make for a classroom and came across a DIY wipe board. I followed the video and then decided to use it for my house since I still don't have a classroom of my own....yet...
See the step by step video here: DIY Dry Erase Boards Video

Here is mine:

I found a cute Morning Checklist Printable:
This website uses a glass picture frame to hold the printable, I don't have space and would rather put mine on the fridge with a magnet- but the frame way is cute also...
For the classroom I would use this printable for Pre-K-2 (find a cursive one for 3rd):

This would go great in a "Writing Center" or as a "May Do" when students are done with work early...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Diaper Cake

I have always wanted to learn how to make a diaper cake for a baby shower. I decided to go to YouTube to find a good instructional video to get started. This is the one I watched that helped me learn how..
Diaper Cake Tutorial

Here are some pictures of how I made mine. I used ribbon from Michaels dollar bin and got the ladybug plush animal/rattle from Kohl's (that was the most expensive thing I bought). You could just top it off with a bow if you wanted. I used all the diapers I had left over that my daughter never used. It was a bit more difficult because the cake wasn't level (some newborn diapers mixed with size 2 were an issue). So I recommend using the same size and brand for the whole cake if you can. Also double sided tape didn't really hold up the ribbon around the cake. I wish I could find my hot glue I improvised and used cute baby clothes pins (mini ones left over from a game I had at my shower) to hold them up. Good luck and have fun!

The bottom layer using an 8 oz. bottle as the center. and 3 layers of diapers.
I used a ladybug theme and some letter stickers to personalize the cake. I also added some trial size baby items from the Target dollar bin (baby lotion, sunblock, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, etc.)

Closer Look....
View from the back