Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Today is my due date!

Today is the big day...well not really. I spent the day cleaning and watching T.V. expecting the labor to NOT start anytime today. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she said I am still not dilated and my cervix is long and tight. I will go on Monday to get a NST (Non-Stress Test) where they strap on the heartbeat monitor to my belly and monitor the heart rate, movement, and oxygen levels (I think). So then if all is well we will wait until November 10 to be induced. This means that Sydney could be born on 11/11/11! Exciting, but all that really matters is that she is born healthy and their are no complications. I haven't had any contractions yet, just a lot of Braxton Hicks (tightening but no cramping) and this usually goes away after a few minutes. So I am not sure she will be born on her own but we will just have to wait and see (she is kicking me as I type this lol). Her room is ready, car seat installed, and bags packed! All our friends and family are anxiously waiting and wondering when she will be here. We are so blessed to have a great family and large group of friends. I am sure we will be calling some of you for advice and to brag about our new baby. So be prepared to be bombarded with emails of a dozen photos each week. For those of you on Facebook, I am sure I will be uploading at least five pictures a day of her so you will all feel as if you are watching her grow before your eyes! So I'm going to get back to reading my Jenny McCarthy book "Baby Laughs" and wait until something exciting happens!