Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 31

Wow I can't believe I am approaching my 8th month of pregnancy. I am feeling well so far and still working 2 jobs. During the week I am trying to work at the school as much as possible and then work at Outback on the weekends. It is very hard to wait for a paycheck once a month from the school, so working for cash tips is great. After about 4 hours of work at the restaurant my feel begin to feel like they are going to fall off and I can barely bend down due to back pain. So my co-workers are great and help me out a lot with carrying trays and food for me. I am hoping to work as much as possible before baby Sydney arrives so I can take time off of work and be with her then.
The picture above was taken over Labor Day weekend at a hotel room in Las Vegas. No nightclubs or gambling for me, just there for my best friend's wedding. Being in vegas while pregnant is not the best situation, however relaxing by the pool and eating out at buffets are the best! I felt strange walking around Vegas with my big belly and can only imagine what people are thinking (what is this pregnant girl doing in Vegas?). I did see about 2 other expecting mama's there and some families with small children so I felt a bit more comfortable. I think next time we go to Vegas it will be without the baby and we will def. be going out dancing!

Week 29

Ok, so now it's pretty obvious I have a little one growing inside me! Once customers at work started to ask me my due date I knew I was definitely popping out. It is great to hear advice parents give me when they ask about my pregnancy. Everyone says get used to not sleeping and buying a lot of diapers.